Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Start

After constantly changing my mind for a while, I decided to start on Second Chances.

I wanted to do one of the over 1 designs and decided it was far more sensible to start with the light coloured fabric than the black.

I've done just a tiny little bit of the first motif, so will get some more done before posting a picture. It turns out I was totally wrong about the fabric and what I have is 32-ct Starquest Opalescent Lugana from Silkweaver. It's really nice to stitch on and so far I'm finding it easy to see and easy to work with.


fudgey said...

really which ever you chose was going to be awesome sitched..
i think this will look wonderful on that hand dyed .. can't wait to see your wip pic whe you get back!

Nancy said...

Wonderful color choices here!! I will look forward to your progress on this one. I just used a 32 ct. opalescent from Silkweaver for Halloween fairy and it was a joy to stitch on!!