Thursday, May 07, 2009

If the old one isn’t working…

I just don’t feel like stitching Cinderella (or any of my other current cross stitch projects) so I figured, what the heck, and I started something completely new.

So I now have 135 stitches (all black) in Chatelaine’s Illuminated Medieval Sampler. I joined the group back when it started in 2006, but was still working may way through Alpine Seasons, so I never started it. I bought the materials kit from European Cross Stitch and some lovely fabric from Silkweaver and it has all sat in the cupboard ever since.

I’ve been tossing up the idea of starting something completely new to go with trying to get off my antidepressants (which I’m sure are a major part of the reason I haven’t wanted to stitch much in the last year or so). I had three candidates – Not Forgotten by Dragon Dreams, Galahs at the Water Pump by Fiona Jude and Illuminated Medieval Sampler. Tonight I went to pull the DMC colours for Medieval Sampler and found I was only six short. Taking that as a sign, I started.

So here are my materials before I began:


And for the record, here’s my pitiful progress on Cinderella:


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cathymk said...

You've selected a lovely piece to start! I've got mine kitted for black fabric (which is possibly why it is not started yet).