Monday, November 06, 2006

Nut Brown Hares

Nut Brown Hares
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Nut Brown Hares
Art by Anita Jeram
Stitched on 32-ct Glacier Lugana from Countrystitch

I first saw this while I was in delivery at the hospital, in labour with Marcus. One of the midwives (I went through a number as I was there for about 40 hours) was stitching it. I loved it and asked her where she got the pattern. A couple of weeks later it arrived in the post for me.

I initially thought I would stitch it for Marcus, but there was too much going on to take anything else on stitching wise. When I heard my SIL was pregnant, I decided to stitch it for her and my brother's baby.

I finished it about a week after Emma was born, which wasn't too bad considering my health was all over the place at the time.

I still love it and I hope Emma will too when she grows up.


fudgey said...

I love it.. it is such a cute picture and very apprpriate as a birth gift..
congratulations on a second lovely finish, its great you are getting some stitching under your belt...


Anonymous said...

So sweet! The fabric you have stitched it on suits it perfectly :) Congratulations on your recent finishes!

Nicki said...

Beautiful. Good for you. You've done really well on the stitching front the last few weeks :) (Better than me - still not much done on that blanket!)

Anonymous said...

Just adorable! Congratulations Kerry!!