Monday, December 11, 2006

Escape Artist

Escape Artist
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Journalling ~
5 October, 2006
Leigh came to visit today and let you play with her car keys. After a little while I went to see what you were doing and this is what I found. You took your stool from the laundry to the front door, climbed up on it so that you were tall enough to reach the locks and tried using Leigh's keys on the door. I'm not sure if you thought you were locking or unlocking it, but you were very involved in what you were doing. I'm now very careful to make sure you can't get out that door any time as I don't want you to get onto the street. A little Houdini is something I really don't need.

Sketch*PLATE 5 by Anita Sterigou, including stylised flowers; everything else from Winter Whites by Christy Lyle and Robin Carlton; fonts are Jeana and Mom's Typewriter

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