Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book of Ink Circles - Filler Squares

I got all caught up last night, getting the three little filler squares done before the release of the next part.

I hope to get started on the new part (the left hand cross) later today. I'm going to have to change one of the colours as it uses a lot of orange to make the pattern and it will be lost against my fabric. I'm thinking of using light blue instead, but I'll decide once I have the other colours stitched in.


fudgey said...

it looks wonderful the filler bits really set it off..
i think a blue injection would look great..
can't wait to see what you do as you are wonderful with colour

Roxanne said...

Your color choices are fantastic! I have not started my BoINK yet. And have thought of using a grey colored fabric but, now seeing your project colors....tsk! tsk! Bad girl! LOL! you! LOL! I love what you've done and now I am off to rethink my own. Thank you for sharing....I think! LOL!