Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009 Reading

I don’t think I’m quite going to make it to 100 books this year, but given how much I struggled to read during the year, I’m not unhappy about that.

I’m rereading Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series with the Beyond Reality group on Goodreads and really enjoying it. I have so many books I remember fondly that I’d like to reread and I’m feeling pretty burnt out of a lot of the genre new releases that I’m thinking of doing some serious rereading in 2010. It helps that a lot of old favourites are starting to come out as ebooks which I find much easier to read, so that’s an added incentive.

  1. Cetaganda – Gail Lois McMaster Bujold
    Vorkosigan, Book 5; Science Fiction; eBook; Reread; 8/10
  2. Ethan of Athos – Lois McMaster Bujold
    Vorkosigan, Book 6; Science Fiction; eBook; Reread; 7/10
  3. Missing in Death – J. D. Robb (in the anthology The Lost)
    Eve Dallas, Book 36; Futuristic Mystery; eBook; 6/10
  4. Boneshaker – Cherie Priest
    Steampunk; Library Book; DNF
  5. Heart Change – Robin D. Owens
    Celta, Book 8; Fantasy; Romance; eBook; 7/10
  6. Brothers in Arms – Lois McMaster Bujold
    Vorkosigan, Book 7; Science Fiction; eBook; Reread; 9/10
  7. The Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas
    Wallflowers, Book 3; Romance; eBook; 8/10
  8. Tanner’s Scheme – Lora Leigh
    Breeds, Book 9; Paranormal; eBook; 7/10
  9. Daughter of the Blood – Anne Bishop
    Black Jewels, Book 1; Fantasy; eBook; Reread; 10/10
  10. Heir to the Shadows – Anne Bishop
    Black Jewels, Book 2; Fantasy; eBook; Reread; 10/10
  11. Queen of the Darkness – Anne Bishop
    Black Jewels, Book 3; Fantasy; eBook; Reread: 10/10

Best book of the month = Queen of the Darkness
Biggest disappointment of the month = Missing in Death

December Reading:
Books read this month = 10
DNFs this month = 1
10/10 reads this month = 3
New reads this month = 4
Rereads this month = 6
paper books : eBooks = 1 : 9 = 10% : 90%

December Challenges Progress:
100+ Reading Challenge = 10
Support Your Local Library Challenge = 0 (Stage 1 Completed 3-04-09)
Romance Reading Challenge = 3 (Challenge Completed 25-02-09)
YA Reading Challenge = 0
eBook Reading Challenge = 9 (Challenge Completed 24-02-09)

December Non-Challenges Progress:
SF/Fantasy books read = 7
Audiobooks listened to = 0


orannia said...

Am thinking perhaps I should try a Lois Bujold book... Any idea where I should start?

Kerry said...

I'd say start with Shards of Honor. I think you'll like Cordelia. It's also available at the first half of a compilation called Cordelia's Honor.

orannia said...

Thank you! It's on my TBR list! I'm guessing it doesn't matter that it's the second book?

Kerry said...

Chronologically it's the first book. This is one of the few series that works better in chronological order than publication order IMHO.