Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010 Reading

Yes, technically there’s still one more day of June to go down in this part of the world but with three books on the go and none near completion, I might as well do this now and post it.

Right now I am reading SOOOOOO slowly. I’m not sure if it’s lack of time or that the actual reading process has slowed. I rather suspect it’s a combination of both. Therefore, not surprisingly, June was a poor reading month.

With a vague feeling that I’d been struggling this time last year as well, I took a look back at my 2009 monthly posts and found some interesting numbers. To make it more interesting I also wet back to my Library Thing account to find the numbers for 2008.























Looking at this, I don’t really know if it has any significance or not. It looked quite good until I added in the 2008 data. But it is worth noting that 2009 is the year Marcus started school and the demands on my time and energy went up markedly. My reading did pick up as the year went on, so I hope that happens again as the TBR has exploded out of control and is now up to 65 books, which is huge for me.

So here you go, my 3 measly books read in June this year.

  1. Saltation – Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (400pp)
    Liaden Universe, Book 12; SF; 8/10
  2. Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale (The Final Chapter) – Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook (768pp)
    Media; Non-Fiction; Library Book; DNF
  3. Local Custom – Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (320pp)
    Liaden Universe, Book 1; SF; 9/10
  4. Feed – Mira Grant (608 pages)
    Newsflesh, Book 1; SF; Library Book; 9/10

Best book of the month = Local Custom
Biggest surprise of the month = Feed
Biggest disappointment of the month = Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale

June Reading:
Books read this month = 3
Short Stories read this month = 0
Total reads this month = 3

10/10 reads this month = 0
DNFs this month = 1
New reads this month = 2
Rereads this month = 1
paper books : eBooks = 1 : 2  = 33 % : 66 %

Pages read this month = 400 + 320 + 608 = 1328

June Challenges Progress
Flashback Reading Challenge = 1
Big Book Challenge = 1
Once Upon a Time IV Challenge = 0

June List Progress
eBooks read = 2
SFF books read = 3
Library Books read = 1
Audiobooks listened to = 0

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orannia said...

Oh, comparing the numbers is...very interesting. But, it doesn't reflect the size of the books :) Out of interest, how many of your June books this year were big ones? IIRC you've had quite a few big books on the go of late.