Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First lost tooth

First lost tooth
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It's been an exciting few days at our house. We noticed Marcus had his first wobbly tooth at the weekend, and he's been carefully taking a container to school each day to save it if it comes out there.

I picked him up this afternoon and he immediately started patting his pockets, and looked very worried when both appeared to be empty. We hurried back to the classroom and eventually found the container (with tooth inside) rolled under the next table over.

It is now safely at home and we're waiting to see if the tooth fairy comes tonight.

I can't quite believe that my tiny, scrap of a baby is big enough to be losing teeth. (I also have no idea how a full size adult tooth is going to fit in the tiny gap the lost tooth has left. I hope that doesn't mean there are braces in our future budget.)


orannia said...

First tooth! Oh WOW! Congrats Marcus!

*crossing fingers the tooth fairy visits*

Anonymous said...


My wife tells me that a dentist can take X-rays and give you a good idea about what kind of problems the kid is likely to have. She had the dentist working on her kids early - they pulled teeth early so the adult teeth wouldn't come in crooked.

Erin said...

Congratulations to him! We're still waiting for Luke's to fall out. It's been loose for nearly a month, and we have no mystery about where the adult tooth is going to go. It's already half way in behind the loose baby tooth! ACK!!

Sean Butcher said...

Isn't he a fan of tooth pillows? Hmm, he's still a little boy, I think he should have one. The tooth container's good, but losing a tooth would also be more enjoyable if there are creative stuff around him. Btw, you shouldn't worry. His permanent teeth will soon fill the gaps that the baby teeth have left. He will eventually grow, and his teeth will develop too.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the comment. Tooth pillows aren't really something we do here in NZ, so it's not something I'd thought of. We'll see.

And yes, his teeth are fixing themselves as they continue to come in.