Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Loot

We drove over to Barbara’s Books today for me to pick up my copy of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Cryoburn, which had come in for me. They had a good selection of near-new books at reduced prices, so despite my good budgetary intentions, I came home with more books than I had planned.

Book Loot

While perhaps bad for one’s bank balance, engaging in book loot is always a satisfying experience.

  • Cryoburn – Lois McMaster Bujold
    I’ve been hanging out for the new Miles adventure and can’t wait to start this. It also contains a CD-ROM that includes the book as an ebook (along with nearly all the other Vorkosigan series books, although I had already bought those) and a selection of interviews and essays.
  • From Black Rooms – Stephen Woodworth
    I’ve read the first two in this series and liked them. The third is in my TBR pile. This is the fourth book, which I’d been holding off buying until I’d finished the one before it. But when it’s sitting there for $5 (instead of nearly $25 new), well, it needs to come home with me.
  • Servant of the Empire – Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
    I read this (and Mistress of the Empire) when they came out, but for some reason I never had my own copies. I think I must have borrowed them off a friend. So naturally, at a reduced price, they came home with me too.
  • Mistress of the Empire – Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
    See above. Besides, I’m on a major Janny Wurts kick at the moment as I read my way through her Wars of Light and Shadow series.
  • Firebird – Mercedes Lackey
    For some reason I never read this one in my Mercedes Lackey reading days. But I’ve joined Erica’s Women of Fantasy 2011 Book Club and this is one of the selections, so a $15 hardcover (instead of nearly $50 new – which is what I paid for Cryoburn) was a no-brainer.

So all in all, I’m a happy book buyer. I also got Warhost of Vastmark finished, so I can even start Cryoburn this afternoon without any lingering feelings of guilt.

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Li said...

Oh, Cryoburn! I caved and bought the ebook yesterday while waiting for my hardcover to arrive. I'm justifying it by saying I wanted an ebook edition anyway - and it was only $6.

I loved the Feist/Wurts Empire books, but I rarely re-read them - I think because they require quite a bit of emotional investment. They're my favourite of the Feist Riftwar books.