Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Photos – Week 2 = Car


Dave came in on the wire, taking his photo about 7.30 on Sunday night, but everyone has managed to produce a photo.

The theme for Week 2 was CAR.

Marcus took a picture of Dave changing the temporary tyre back to the repaired one after my car got a flat when I was taking Marcus to school on Monday.


Dave took a picture from the driver’s seat while popping out to the supermarket tonight.


Pam took a picture of this once handsome 1958 Jaguar, which is now showing a bit of wear and tear.


I took a picture of one of the occupants of Marcus’ sandpit. This was a present for his birthday two weeks ago, so it is still a new favourite.


I’ve chosen the theme for Week 3 and it is GREEN.


Lisa said...

This is such a great idea- I hope you keep it up. I wish my kids would do it, but I'd end up with even more pictures of my floor, the ceiling, the cabinets, the dog, etc.

orannia said...

Oh, great photos! I am so looking forward to next week!

I have to purchase a disposal camera that a family member can take photos when visitng the zoo next month :)

John Prue said...

It's nice to appreciate all the different car models, no? It's great to see classic ones on the road like that exquisite-looking Jaguar. That's a rare sight.

Patrick Gauer said...

You’re right about the 1959 Jaguar, John! It was the first unibody car from Jaguar. These days, it’s a rare sight in the road to see a vintage car like that. The owner of this car must be very lucky to have this car even until now. Hopefully the owner takes steps to restore this timeless piece.