Thursday, December 29, 2005

No stitching today

I'd hoped to get in some stitching today and maybe watch the cricket, but our almost two year old son spiked a temperature of 39.5C (103F) overnight, along with poor oxygen saturation and bad coughing. It was decided his ear infection had migrated to his chest and we spend about five hours at the Starship Children's Hospital while doctors tried to decide if he has pneumonia or not.

They eventually sent him home, but looking after him and trying to recover from getting up at 4am were my priorities today. He's still a sad little monkey, but nothing like as bad as he was overnight.

Full details are at my Livejournal for anyone who wants to know more.

1 comment:

fudgey said...

Kerry you poor , poor thing...
you must be exhausted.
i am glad to read he is better than he was last night..
how stressful..
i am thinking of you and your adorable little man..
hugs to you all