Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sixty Four Blocks

chain013With everything being so mucky at the moment, I’ve been flitting from project to project as I try to find something I can settle into. Knowing it was like this, Dave helped me set up my sewing table in the dining room/conservatory so I could sew up a quilt block or two when I felt like it.

This has worked pretty well in all and today I finished the last of the 64 blocks I need to make the main part of my Triple Irish Chain quilt. I’m really pleased with how it looks (even if I did have to pick it all up again because the cleaners were coming later) and hopefully I’ll slowly keep working on sewing the blocks together.



cathymk said...

Beautiful Kerry!

Erin said...

It is wonderful!

Diamond said...


ebogg said...


orannia said...

Congrats! That's fantastic! And even if you are flittering, look at how much you've accomplished :)

It's going to look amazing when it's finished!