Monday, September 28, 2009

August 2009 Reading

Edited yet again: I think I see where I've messed up. I suspect I just overwrote the July reading post with the August reading post. It is already past my bedtime, so I'm going to leave the mess as it is for now an try to fix it all up tomorrow. Sorry everyone.

Better late than never when it comes to posting this. At least it isn’t quite the end of September yet.

ETA: I didn't realise I'd already posted this (I think, I'm quite confused about the whole thing now), but I've added a few small comments and the month's one DNF to the list, so I'll post it again as a new post anyway.

Another slow month for me, but I am reading, which is the most important thing.

  1. Angels’ Blood – Nalini Singh
    Guild Hunters, Book 1; Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy; 10/10
  2. The Invisible Ring – Anne Bishop
    Black Jewels, Book 4; Fantasy; eBook; Reread; 10/10
  3. The Stars Blue Yonder – Sandra McDonald
    Seven Sisters, Book 3; SF; Library Book; 9/10
  4. Diamond Star – Catherine AsaroSkolian Saga, Book 13; SF; 10/10
    Review here
  5. Scales of Gold – Dorothy Dunnett
    House of Niccolo, Book 4; Historical Fiction; DNF
    I still want to read this, but it just isn't what I can manage at the moment, so I'm marking it as a DNF and I'll go back to it some other time.
  6. Glory in Death – J. D. Robb
    Eve and Roarke, Book 2; Futuristic Mystery; Reread; 8/10
  7. Swan for the Money – Donna Andrews
    Meg Langslow, Book 11; Cozy Mystery; Library Book; 7/10
  8. Break No Bones – Kathy Reichs
    Temperance Brennan, Book 9; Mystery; eBook; 7/10
  9. Silent in the Sanctuary– Deanna Raybourn
    Lady Julia Grey, Book 2; Historical Mystery; eBook; 6/10
    ** spoiler alert ** I find myself vaguely unstaisfied by the ending, as one character seems to have "gotten away with it". While kind of realistic, it doesn't feel right. I wonder if this will ever be mentioned again or just let drop. I hope it gets resolved.

August Reading:
Books read this month = 8
DNFs this month = 1
10/10 reads this month = 3
New reads this month = 6
Rereads this month = 2
% paper books : % eBooks = 5 : 3

May Challenges Progress:
100+ Reading Challenge = 8
Support Your Local Library Challenge = 2 (Stage 1 Completed 3-04-09)
Romance Reading Challenge = 0 (Challenge Completed 25-02-09)
YA Reading Challenge = 0
eBook Reading Challenge = 3 (Challenge Completed 24-02-09)
Patricia A. McKillip Reading Challenge = 0

May Non-Challenges Progress:
SF/Fantasy books read = 4
Audiobooks listened to = 0


ebogg said...

Good to 'hear' from you. I was getting concerned after such a long break. The depression sounds miserable, I hope something starts working.

Li said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Interesting observation on the Nalini Singh Q&A. I'm dying to know what is going to happen to Silence, etc, but I also really really want Hawke's story!

And don't stress over your 100 books goal, think quality not quantity ;-)

Marg said...

I hope that you get levelled out soon with your medication. In the meantime, Julia Quinn is definitely a fun read.

Dorte H said...

I am sorry to hear you are not well! Take good care of yourself, and don´t worry about challenges. They should be for fun, not a chore.

orannia said...


Am keeping my fingers crossed that things improve soon!

And I just adore Edward Eager's books! I think my favourite will always be The Time Garden :) Am trying to remember if I have these at home, but if not they are definitely going on my keeper list!

As for Branded By Fire - Nalini is an amazingauthor!