Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

On Friday, Marcus brought this book home from school for weekend reading. I’m pretty sure I remember reading books like this when I was at school and learning to read.

jelly I checked the copyright date and it was 1968. I started school in 1974, so that would be about right.

While I’m not sure that I remember this particular book, I was reading the titles on the back cover and I definitely remember reading The Hungry Lambs and I think The Stars in the Sky. They were big, fat hardcover books with a whole lot of stories in them and I can almost see them in my mind’s eye all these years later. The other titles sound familiar too.

At least they were new when I read them. Not so much now. But the stories were still perfectly fine for reading practise. I did have to explain what “Primers” were (first year at school now has the original title of “Year 1”) and also what a penny was as we don’t even have one cent coins any more (our smallest coin here in NZ is 10 cents), but everything else was fine. Okay, so the pictures were a little dated, but that’s okay.

Does this count as recycling?


orannia said...

I remember The Stars in the Sky! I haven't thought about such books for ages. Wasn't The Stars in the Sky one of a set of books (The Stars in the Sky being the final book in the set), each progressively harder than the last?

Kerry said...

Yes it was. The Hungry Lambs was the first one (I think it was red) The Stars in the Sky was the last one. Cool, someone else who remembers.

Kristen howe said...

Talk about nostalgia! I never heard of that book. Happy reading and nice blog Kerry!