Friday, January 22, 2010

Marcus Review: Captain Clawbeak and the Red Herring

  Captain Clawbeak & the Red Herring by Anne Morgan

Morgan, Anne - Captain Clawbeak 01 - Captain Clawbeak and the Red HerringMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought that when they found the secret tunnel out of Daggers' hideout and then when they found the entrance out of the secret tunnel were good parts of the book.

I liked two animals in the book and their names were Clawbeak and Fang. I liked what Fang said.

And I loved the bit when Dad let them keep Clawbeak for a week or two or if Clawbeak could stay for much longer than that.

Um, I loved the bit when they escaped from the blowhole.

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orannia said...

Oh, I like tunnels too - very exciting!. Thank you Marcus!

cathymk said...

Anne Morgan visited my library for children's book week a few years ago and she brought the real Captain Clawbeak with her - everyone was delighted to meet him (though he was a bit of a trouble maker!) Great review Marcus!