Sunday, January 03, 2010

Time Quartet/Quintet Readalong

Time_Quartet_Readalong I swore I was going to do it. Really I did. No more challenges for 2010. I don’t want to get stressed, remember? But this one will fit in with my desire to do plenty of rereading in 2010 and count for the Flashback Challenge as well.

Kailana at The Written Word is hosting a read-a-long of Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quartet (that started out as a trilogy and is now a quintet) and since I already wanted to reread A Wrinkle in Time this year, I decided to join.

I consider this a guideline rather than a requirement. If I manage to do it, that’s fantastic. If I don’t, it most definitely isn’t the end of the world. All the same, I hope I do manage to reread this wonderful kids’ series that has always been suitable  for adults too.

A full listing of the rules/guidelines are on Kailana’s blog and my reading list is here. If you’re a L’Engle fan, or want to find out about these books that get readers all enthused. Do come and join us.


Molly said...

I have not ever read this series, but I do have A Wrinkle in Time sitting on my bookshelf. I would love to hear your review of the books you read -- perhaps it will nudge me to pick up the book myself :)

orannia said...

I'm like you Molly, I've never read this series.

Good luck Kerry!