Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winter is Coming

And no, I’m not talking about A Game of Thrones. I may be the only person on the internet to use that title and not be talking about George R. R. Martin and HBO.

Winter really is coming here. We’ve hit the middle of autumn and the temperature seriously dropped yesterday. Enough that we pulled out all the heaters and searched for our slippers.

Cally, being a cat, thought this was brilliant of course and it didn’t take long before she was happily sprawled in front of the heater, claiming the warmest spot in the house.

Heater + cat = winter on the way.


I don’t think she’s really sticking her tongue out at me, but it sure does look that way.


orannia said...

Nothing says winter is coming more than a cat in front of a heater or fire.

I lit the fire last night...so glad I did. And I'm dithering about it now.

Erin said...

She's not sticking her tongue out, she's laughing at you! "Yeah, you just *wish* you could lay here in front of the heater. Hahaha!"

Susan said...

I like cats and how they like heat. I could be a cat, too! Your cat has the right idea. The best thing about winter is the heater. We are just coming out of our long winter, and green buds are just beginning to show on some trees. I was so happy today to see something other than gray and brown! Stay warm, Kerry! Follow the cat! lol