Friday, March 24, 2006

Lastest on Alpine Seasons

Nicki came over on Wednesday and we had a lovely time chatting and stitching together. Her Alpine is looking amazing and I'm confident she'll get it finished by her deadline, even if she isn't.

Here's my latest. I took this on Wednesday before rolling it further up the scroll rods so I could do the next lots of trees and their mountains. I've had a couple of rest days since this was taken as I've hit another tired patch and I think it's more important to take a break than struggle along.


StitchCat said...
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StitchCat said...

Thats beautiful Kerry, well done you are doing a great job :)

Nicki said...

Thank you! Your confidence means a lot actually - I am getting a bit too close to the deadline for comfort!

Yours looks lovely but so much nicer in real life :) Sorry you've hit a tired patch again, but you're right. Best to take a break. You've done so much recently.

Karen's Blog said...

Wow Kerry, Alpine Garden is looking gorgeous!! You're definetely right to take a break thouhg. It's how I'm feeling about MTM. A good idea not to push it:)