Sunday, March 26, 2006


I've been making use of other people's blogrolls to go exploring various stitching blogs. There are lots of people out there creating the most beautiful things. So I added a whole bunch of people to my Newsgator feeds and I've happily been watching their entries. I haven't commented much yet, as I'm a total stranger to them, but occasionally I say something I feel might be relevant.

I've been enjoying Christine's Coffee Cup Thoughts and when she posted that she was struggling with her current rotation, something I understand all too well, I said "hello" and told her my own strategy (which is basically a screaming rotation, but kept down to a pool of six to seven designs so I don't get stressed by too many projects). I then thought nothing more of it.

Until I found that I had accidently enabled her with my mockup of Illuminated Medieval Sampler on the Tiger's Eye linen and she's now drooling and trying to decide if she really needs it or not.

Christine, I don't know if I should be feeling smug or very apologetic. But if you to decide to take it on, I'm sure you'll love it. I have to keep telling myself again and again that I cannot start another Chatelaine project until I finish Alpine Seasons.

As for Alpine, I'm feeling pretty rundown and unwell at the moment, so I think I'm going to have to take a break. If I want to stitch I'll do a little bit on my Celtic Horse instead. This is why I try to keep a small, less challenging project among my WIPs for times when I want to stitch, but can't manage the big projects.


Nicki said...

I had to giggle. Good (or bad?) for you on the enabling!!

Sensible not to struggle on with Alpine. It's not the sort of thing you can do if you're feeling washed out. Enjoy your Celtic Horse instead! :)

Christine Doyle said...

No worries on enabling me. Until I get a Sugar Daddy to buy it for me, it will be a while - my pocketbook will force that! lol! But rest assured, as soon as I have an extra few bucks laying around, it is going to the stash pool for that design!