Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aries #001

Aries #001
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My stitching after my first Wednesday working on Aries.

This is a grand total of 281 stitches, which works out at 0.9% of the whole. If I can keep up doing this much every week, by my calculations I'll be finished in two years!

Except for the bit I had to frog because I had placed it out by a stitch, it went pretty well. The chart is very hard to follow though, so I'm highlighting it as I go and I'm grateful this is a small design (150 x 209 stitches).


Nicki said...

Oooh, pretty pretty! That's 25ct isn't it? SO neat. And I often only get 200 stitches done a week and I have a lot less going on in my life than you, so that's pretty good :) Maybe I should pick up Pisces for Wednesdays - it might give me the boost I need and then we can both be doing our zodiacs :)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely, Kerry! I've been keeping Winter ACEO as a Wednesday only project and while it has been a slow project to develop - I do love it all the more for it. I look forward to watching it grow.