Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh dear

When Martina Weber from Chatelaine announced that she was going to be doing a Pompeiian Garden Mandela, I started drooling on the spot. When she released the first picture, it was with a certain relief that I decided it wasn't for me after all. I'd been imagining gardens and statuary and columns and we seemed to have houses.

Unfortunately, I've now seen the final picture - the class started today - and I'm drooling again.

Isn't it beautiful?

Of course, with my current stitching progress, I know I can't just go off and start it. I have no time and two Chatelaine projects before it. The stash budget is also totally empty and likely to be for a goodly while, so I can't afford to pay US$250 for the materials and probably couldn't justify it even if I could. All the same, I find I'm in love after all.

I guess I'll watch the progress pictures on the board as they starting coming up and see if it turns out as beautiful if it looks now. If so, I may try at least to buy the pattern and hope I win the lottery and get fully healthy at some point so I can consider actually stitching it.


Nicki said...

I am SO in love with it too! I pulled out all the DMC colours listed for the NPI silks (and some silks from other kits) and threw them about on fabric last night! They look good on pale green but Martin likes cream. Not that I can afford the variegated silks or beads or should be buying charts! But I think I'll pull out MVIII soon and work on that - if I finish it (haha) I could almost justify getting some bits for this!

And yes, I must come and see you :)

fudgey said...

thank goodness that one doesn't excite me...
it looks like a massive undertaking and very scary expensive..
i have other expensive tastes to occupy me ( says the girl who is playing on silk websites atm) i didn't need anymore...