Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aries Original Art

Aries Original Art
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Original art of Aries ACEO by Sara Butcher ( as charted by Heaven and Earth Designs (

I've decided to stitch this as part of the HAED BB's Quick Stitch Wednesday SAL. That means I just stitch as much (or little) as I feel up to on a Wednesday and let it take as long as it takes.

I don't feel up to my big projects at the moment, but did want an art wone going. Nicki ( suggested I make starting this an anniversary present for myself (this month it is 16 years since I developed CFS) and I thought that was as good an excuse as any.

The rest of the time I'll work on my smaller projects (mystery gift, The Ice Dragon's Kingdom and Celtic Horse) and see if I can get in a finish or two by the end of the year.

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Nicki said...

Are you stitching today? I'm having a bit of a HAED slump - the Chatelaines are calling. But I was thinking of you earlier and wondering!