Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bye Out

Bye Out
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Finally, Kerry gets her scrapping mojo back and uploads some more layouts. This is based on the lovely photo we got of Marcus in the pool and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Journalling ~
Today was the first day you weren't scared of being in the swimming pool. Instead, you had the time of your life. You quickly got the hang of swimming and could soon kick well enough to paddle around the pool with your water wings and swimming ring. You certainly didn't want to get out. When we suggested it, you said very firmly, “Bye, Out”. Just to make sure we got the message, you added "Bye ladder” even as your teeth were chattering with cold. You are clearly a natural water baby.

Journalling tag from “His Day Out” and staples from “The Photo Shoot” from the “Expecting Sweet Stuff Collection” by Christy Lyle and Robin Carlton; hanging tag from “Ronnie’s Jewellery Tag Assortment” by Ronnie McCray; summer button from “Seasonal Elements” by Lisa Whitney; alphas from the “I Live Collection” by Tracy Robinson; everything else from “I Play” in the “I Live Collection” by Tracy Robinson; font is Amano.

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