Friday, June 15, 2007

Sometimes book learning isn't enough

It's 1.30am here and we're just back from taking Marcus to the doctor after he woke up with horrible, laboured breathing.

It turned out he had croup.

Now I know the word. I know it because I read it in Anne of Green Gables when Diana's little sister had it, Anne nursed her through it and that made Mrs Barry accept Anne and let Anne and Diana become best friends.

Unfortunately, that didn't help me at all. I still didn't know what it was (it's when a virus for a head cold gets to the voice box), I couldn't remember what Anne's treatment was anyway (I'm going to have to look it up in the morning) and I realised that over 100 years later, it may or may not be relevant.

Since the doctor said the first things to try were cold air or hot, moist air, Anne might have saved the day if I'd know what was wrong and remembered what she did.

However, Marcus was worse than that and needed adrenaline through a nebuliser. Now that's something Anne wouldn't have had on hand in 189-whatever it was.

Still, now that all is well and he's almost asleep again beside me, it's kind of cool to have something affect us today that was there in a book I read as a kid that was written more than a century before Marcus was ever born.


Anonymous said...

Hope he gets better soon. That can ebe very scary. My older daughter used to get that when she was little. I spent lots of time sitting in steamy bathrooms! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog the other day. It really helped and I appreciated it so much. I have been told that this teacher has cried in front of other people as well, and I least I know now where I stand with the school but I am not looking forward to taking them to task next week! Thanks again!

Lynn G

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

Aw I hope lil one gets well very soon, i will be praying for his recovery...croup sounds horrid when they cough, but usually clears without much problem once you start treating it (all 3 of my lil ones have had it at one point or another...just keep him cool and in moist air...very cool evening air is the best to my experience)....
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, it really made me feel special :)...I have another very dear friend in auckland :D must be something about those wonderful kiwis that makes them such great people :D...have a blessed day!