Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wow! This is exciting!

Fixed Tree
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Marcus' first autumn at Salamanca Road
You didn’t like the way the leaves had started to fall from the trees. So you took it upon yourself to fix it. With masking tape! I love the way your mind works. I can never guess what you are going to come up with next.

Word art from "Revisit" in the "Memories Are Made of This" collection by Tracy Ann Robinson; everything else is from "Crumples Spice" by Tracy Ann Robinson; font is Wiffles.

This layout got picked as the layout of the week over at the Tracy Ann Designs team blog. This is just so cool. I love the page myself, but to have other people like it too is exciting.

I just love Tracy Ann's designs. I think I'd happily own pretty much everything she's ever made if I could. She's right up there as one of my favourite designs - just edging out anyone else to be number one I think. So that makes this even more exciting.

I won a $10 gift certificate to her store, which I've spent already. (And yes, I did spend a few dollars extra, but only a few.)

Want to see what I bought?

Paper Frames 1

Fabricated Notes 1

Zany Basic Paper Pack 2

Artline 7 Flowers

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