Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly Geeks

Once again, the health problems have hit and I'm behind. I'm trying to accept calmly that this is the way it is for me. All the same, I'm frustrated. My book posts are so far behind it isn't fun, I'm struggling to read and stitch, but I have been doing a bit of scrapping in the meantime, so there may be some more layouts soon.

Over at The Hidden Side of the Leaf, a meme called Weekly Geeks has been started. I'm always nervous of trying such things as I often manage to do it once and then fail to keep it up. But this sounds like fun, and the very important phrase - they DO NOT have to participate each week, only when they feel like it - was what decided me to try.

The first challenge is to explore new blogs from a list on the blog (see it here) and share five that are new to you.

Since my blog list in Google Reader is already way too long, what's a few more? I actually added more than five to Reader, but these are the ones I decided to share.

  • book-a-rama
    I like the bright, crisp look to this blog. Also, as much as I like the idea of long, expansive posts, there are times when bullet points about interesting things is about the limit of my understanding, so a blog that accomodates this with things that are indeed interesting is a must-read.
  • Rhinoa's Ramblings
    My first reactions on seeing this blog were "oooh, pretty covers" quickly followed by "oooh, my kinds of books" which made it a shoe-in. A bit further down was a pile of books (always something that will catch my eye) with books in it that are on my "long term maybe one day if I have time" wishlist with Amazon. I'll be looking forward to reviews on some of them. And maybe they'll move up to a more immediate wishlist.
  • Books and Other Games
    Sally (who I know from some mailing lists which tempted me to choose her blog to showcase) uses this blog of memes and other games and the ones she had chosen to do interested me. I loved the list of quotes and will keep an eye out of what other games she chooses to play.
  • Page After Page
    It was the lists of books for challenges (along with covers - I love covers) that caught my eye here, especially when Robin McKinley was at the top of one list and Briar Rose by Jane Yolen at the end of another, with a beautiful cover I've never seen before.
  • She Reads Books
    Just the whole look of this blog caught my eye, even if I'm not sure why. I liked the content - I love small paragraphs (CFS means I struggle with really solid, long ones) and the whole blog is neatly and easily presented so that I find it a pleasure to read rather than having to work at it.
I honestly don't know if I'll be able to keep this up or not, but I'm going to give it a go as it sounds like it should be fun. As always, I'm also vowing to keep up with my blog better, but I know from experience that I'm not completely in control of that. I'll do what I can.


Kim said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Kerry! I love your header on your blog,and I can't imagine how wonderful and different you life must be from mine, living in New Zealand! I would love to visit your country sometime. By the way, my husband's name is Kerry. :)
I also cross-stitch, but not as much as I used to now that I have gone back to work.
I am going to add you to my sidebar so I can easily pop on over here and visit you sometime. I haven't figured out the whole google reader thing yet, so I think my blog reading is pretty much simplistic compared to so many others!
OH, and I love your other page with all the covers posted! I am very often drawn to a book by it's cover--especially if it is an unknown author to me. I think I will check out a few of the ones more in depthly that you have posted and see if they are of any interest to me. What a unique idea for a blog page!
*smiles* and have a great week--I hope you health cooperates a bit for you.

Chris said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me and saying such nice things about my blog. Your blog is beautiful. I hope you'll be able to keep posting on Weekly Geeks.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend the blog of someone I know who also has ME.

I hope you like her. :)