Thursday, November 27, 2008

12.2% Completed

Today I finished the first strip across "Defender of the Kingdom" and I'm feeling very pleased with myself about it.

I worked out that with this (which has taken me a couple of years at least) I have the design 12.2% completed. So there's still quite a lot to go. :-)

I made 2008 the year of smaller projects, and I'm very glad I did that. It worked out really well. But I'm ready to go on with my big projects now, so until I feel I need a change, my plan is to work on Defender of the Kingdom, Dawn Star and Second Chances.

So on to Dawn Star next and I hope to finish the current page I'm on before going on to the next choice.


Tama said...

ooo, pretty! good luck with your big projects - I love to do those, but they take years and years for me to do, and they're nowhere near the size of yours!
*is swimming in admiration*

fudgey said...

So you should be pleased with yourself.. it loks awesome.. all those pretty little x's!
i can't wait to see the next picture of Dawn Star!
i know it will be gorgeous
i like your preliminary 2009 stitching plans...

Nicki said...

Congratulations! She looks fabulous and I know it'll be so neat and lovely in real life :)

Sisu said...

Looks great Kerry!

Nancy said...

The next pages will be AWESOME! That top had to be hard to stick with, but now that it's done the best it yet to come!