Friday, March 20, 2009


Just watched (or partly watched) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull while getting my blog tidied up and a bit closer to up to date.

What can I say? Really Harrison, much as I still admire you and think you’re pretty hot, you just aren’t Indy anymore. You’re too old. You should have left it alone.

Otherwise the words the come to the mind are things like silly and good grief and I predicted all the twists and there’s going to be a spaceship before the end and then I’ll have to scream.

And really, really, don’t get me started on the science, or rather the lack thereof.

I hereby officially announce the the Indiana Jones canon consists of Raiders of the Lost Ark (because cool movie) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (because Ford + Connery = win). But that’s it. Nothing else.

I am so glad I didn’t pay money to go and see this in the cinema as I considered doing.


Susan said...

We paid money, my husband and I, a rare treat for us to get out together. And it definitely is the least of the 4. I like number 3 and 1 the best, as do my kids. Good review, Kerry! I enjoyed it.

Stephanie said...

I did pay money, but wish I didn't. I too just love Harrison as Indy (and didn't even mind the older version) but thought the script and story stunk. And that Shia LeBouf (or whatever his name is) does nothing for me.