Friday, March 20, 2009

Mothstorm – Philip Reeve

Reeve, Philip - Mothstorm

I was disappointed to see that our library didn’t have Philip Reeve’s third Larklight book. However, I’ve quickly learned that there’s a solution to that problem; ask the library to purchase it. Happily for me, they did and I embarked on Mothstorm with enthusiasm.

There’s a strange grey cloud out in the vicinity of Uranus, oops sorry, Georgium Sidius (who would be so uncouth as to call it anything else?) and the British Space Navy is worried. Art Mumby’s mother, formerly the Shaper in charge of starting life in our solar system, takes a hand and whisks the family and others out to see what is happening. They soon find themselves caught up in yet another nefarious plan to take over the solar system.  It is up to Art, his sister Myrtle, ex-space pirate Jack Havoc and Mrs Mumby to save the day once again.

I found Mothstorm a lot more fun than Starcross, possibly because it has such a better villain. Mrs Mumby’s no-longer-so-secret former identity comes to the fore as we learn more about shapers and what they are and are not supposed to do. Art and Myrtle become separated once again, meaning we get narration from both siblings. Myrtle’s attempts to be an author are amusing, Art’s footnotes even more so.

Really, this is more of the same from Reeve, but it’s delightful and fun more of the same, so who cares? It’s certainly better than Starcross and I recommend it for a fun, quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading it and I find myself sorry to know there are no more books in the series for me to read. Hopefully there will be eventually.

Philip Reeve
Larklight, Book 3

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  1. Larklight
  2. Starcross
  3. Mothstorm

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