Monday, January 02, 2006

Pitiful Progress

Here's my progress on HAED's Defender of the Kingdom after 4 weeks. Our little boy has been sick over the last couple of weeks, so stitching has been a low priority.

I'd hoped to get a lot more than this done, but it didn't turn out that way. I've been doing some reading when I get a moment instead. That's a lot easier to pick up and put down again at an instant's notice.

My 2006 stitching resolution, is simply to keep stitching and to enjoy it. If I can do that, hopefully I'll stop being stressed about slow progress and enjoy the process.

If I get the opportunity, I'm going to work on Chatelaine's Alpine Seasons this week.


J said...

Kerry, that's looking beautiful. Sorry to hear your boy has been sick. Hope he's feeling better.

Nicki said...

It's looking lovely! And although it may not look like you did much more I know how long it takes to put in those tiny stitches :)

Hope Marcus gets better soon :(

By the way, where did you get your Piecemaker size 28 needles? I ordered some from the US a while ago and love them! Would be nice to get them locally.

fudgey said...

Looks great kerry..
excellent picture, shows the colours and the design beautifully..
i think you have picked a sensible goal... just stitch and enjoy...

hugs to you and your little man