Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stitching Slump

I'm on holiday with my parents right now (I so miss my broadband connection) and have been for almost a week.

In that time I've worked a grand total of about 20 stitches on Alpine Seasons. As much as I love the design, I've realised that at this point in time, I just can't face working on it. In fact, I find myself almost totally lacking in any sort of stitching enthusiasm at all.

I am just so tired. For all that, I'm not sleeping well, which isn't helping. While I'm physically tired, I think I'm even more mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. And I don't really have any idea how to fix that.

I did bring a little kit my sister bought for me when she was in the UK last year (Celtic Horse - on the top row on this page) and I have a nice small cut of Belfast from Silkweaver to stitch it on. It came with white Aida, but these days I never stitch on Aida if I can avoid it and my piece is a lovely marine bluey-green colour while makes the purples pop beautifully. I don't know if I'll stitch any of it, and I'll try not to be hard on myself if I don't, but it's still nice to know I have something with me for if I feel like it.

Marcus will be two tomorrow, a fact I just cannot believe. I know it's true and I'm doing all the birthday things, but there's a part of me that just can't believe it at all. We're having a birthday party today as a lot of his relatives can come today, so I'm looking forward to that, but not the amount of energy I'll need to keep up with him!

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fudgey said...

hugs kerry..

look i am home i really missed my settings, bookmarks and broadband too...

I am with you on the tiredness thing... yours of course is CFS/child related whereas mine is fybro/arthritis/heat related ...and i don't want to stitch either... i am trying to make myself go pick up my model now.... in fact any xstitch...

how wonderful your little man turns 2 tomorrow... treasure the day even though it will exhaust you.. he only turns 2 prepared for the most amazing array of changes over the next 12 months... have a great day..