Thursday, February 21, 2008

Books and Reading

Well, the request for suggestions from my TBR lead to an almost unanimous response for Stolen.

Right now, in my recovering-from-cold stage, I'm reading Robin D. Owens' Heart Dance, which has been on the TBR for way too long. This is one of those series where I always let the latest book languish for ages, finally start reading it (often when I hear the next one will be out soon) and remember how much I enjoy the series. That leads me to buy the next one and the cycle starts over again.

After that I am set and determined to finish The Spring of the Ram.

Once that is completed I'll be picking up Stolen as recommended by so many of you. (And of course, once I start Stolen the next book in the series will end up on the TBR, so you haven't helped me reduce the dreaded TBR at all!)

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Robin D Owens said...

Thank you, Heart Fate will be out in September and a couple of my beta readers say it's my best, so I'm pleased.