Saturday, February 16, 2008

My TBR pile

Partly to try and stay organised, partly for the fun of it, I've just put my immediate TBR (to be read) pile up on Flickr.

Please take a look and then tell me what you think I should read next - I struggle to choose.

I do have to finish The Spring of the Ram next as I'm way behind reading with the Dunnett group and need to catch up. But after that I haven't a clue. All suggestions and comments appreciated.


Anonymous said...

1. re the Bill Bryson, you should read a comment in my LJ from someone about his books, I've never read any, so can't comment further.

2. I enjoyed City of Pearl. Haven't read any of the others.

3. I loved Silverberg's Lord Valentine's Castle. Majipoor Chronicles was good, but not as good as LVC.

No comments about the rest.

Anonymous said...

I've read and loved The Summer Queen, Cast in Courtlight, Spin State, City of Pearl, and The Ruby Dice.