Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Gourmet Garden by Little House Needleworks

The Gourmet Garden by Little House Needleworks
Started: 28 January 2008
Finished: 8 February 2008
Stitched on: 32-ct Golden Harvest Belfast linen from Silkweaver

I just love how this turned out. This is my first Little House Needleworks design and I'm sure I'll be doing more. (Okay, so I'm already redesigning The Bookshelf in my head.)


fudgey said...

What a sweet fifnish, and the fab colour is perfect, looks like a summer evening garden .. have you seen Nicki's Bookshelf adaption she doid for an aussie stticher (cathy) with australian authors? I have Home of A needleworker and School Girl Lessons on my to orderr and stitch list..

Nicki said...

It looks really good! Don't you love how easy and quick LHN charts are to do? A great balance for the huge BAPs IMHO :)

So what are you thinking of for The Bookshelf? I want children's authors (EBD etc). Just need to get started - I have a sketch somewhere of it all laid out!

Kerry said...

Nicki - I want to change Dickinson to duMaurier and Wuthering Heights to Rebecca. Then changer Wilder to something I've read, but I haven't decided what yet.

I would love to see your children's authors one. That sounds really cool.

Of course, I actually have to buy the pattern first, but I'll get around to that some time.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kerry,

Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with the Bookshelf. I stitched this one last year, but didn't make any changes in it. I've seen several finished pieces where some changes were minor, and some were more ... drastic isn't quite the word I'd use...but more personalized perhaps. No matter how it's stitched, it's the perfect project for us book obsessed stitchers.

Oh that scrap page of Marcus asleep on his tummy is so adorable. He looks so comfy, and content as he naps. I love the textured look of the moon and star as well.

If you're still wondering which book to begin next may I add my suggestion as Kelley Armstrong's Stolen. You probably know that I'm a big fan of hers and have read all of her books. I find that I'm really getting into Supernatural fiction these days too. She's one of the reasons why.

Your finish of The Gourmet Garden is beautiful, and makes me want to stitch it too. Which means that I have to get it and add it to the pile of LHN designs that I have already. These designs are so simple, but they are fun to do, and the results are always a delight and immensely satisfying.

I am on holidays this week from work, and today I spent a satisfying morning cleaning my library from top to bottom. I moved a shelf of big books (on England, and Broadway and movies) to a space in the den, and that freed up space to put books that I had stacked on top of another bookcase. Which frees up space for future books for another year. After that....

Defender of the Kingdom is amazing, but I don't know how you manage to work on these HAEDs. I don't have the patience or the eye sight to handle them. But it is fun to see them grow on your blog.

Take care Kerry. Cheers!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Gourmet Gardern is gorgeous, well done. Love watching progress on HAED designs to see the pictures grow, Defender of the Kingdom is one that I enjoy seeing.