Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a castle!

I've been working on Mirabilia's Cinderella lately. I picked it up to be an Olympics project and while I've done more watching (and sleeping) than stitching, I have made some progress.

Except for the beads (and there are a lot of those) I now have the castle all finished. I struggled a bit with all that dark green on the dark fabric, but it is worth it. Sorry the picture isn't very good, but it gives an idea of what I've got done.

At present, my plan is to continue on with this at least for the next week until the end of the Olympics. After that I'll decide if I want to move to something else or continue on with Cinders.

1 comment:

fudgey said...

kerry it looks magnficent...
you have really done a fair bit since the last update..

funny the things we sttich to watch olypmics by..
i am just samplering until they are over i can't do my CC's and haed's cos i keep losing my place when i stop to watch something !