Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekly Geeks #13

Finally, a new Weekly Geeks. The last few haven't really been things I've felt up to joining in with, but this week is fun, even if I haven't done everything. This week's theme is pictures of authors, all left unlabelled for blog readers to see if they know who these people are.

So without futher ado...

1. Your favourite author(s)

2. Author of book I'm currently reading

3. Author(s) I've met in person

4. You Tube video of author I've heard speak - couldn't easily find one

5. Myself with any author(s) - one of my least flattering photos

6. Author of book most recently finished - that's actually the same as the book I'm currently reading, so I went back to the book before that

7. Hottest author(s) - I'm afraid hotness of authors isn't something I notice

I'll post answers next weekend.


trinalin said...

Ah - I spotted Lois McMaster Bujold in there a couple times. :-) She's from Ohio, so she has to be good. ;-)

Tez Miller said...

B and D both seem to be Patricia Briggs.

Have a lovely day! :-)

Anonymous said...

I also spotted the 3 pics of Lois. One of my favourite authors, too!

greenwords said...

Hi Kerry, I've been meaning to drop by and say hello, sorry it's taken so long. I realise this is completely off topic, but umm, I really like your walking stick!

gautami tripathy said...

Sorry to say, I couldn't place anyone!

Check out my author photos!

Susan said...

I only got to your blog now, sorry, rebuilding my blog after the wipeout has been harder and more time consuming than I thought! I would have tried your author pictures....Lois McMaster Bujuld is someone I am coming to enjoy, and I have Moon-Called on my TBR pile (and forgot it for RIP 3 challenge!!) Nice job on this weekly geek, Kerry.