Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Gingerbread

My mother sent Marcus (and me) a lovely kids' cookbook and a butterfly cookie cutter. It arrived on Tuesday and we've been trying to explain to Marcus since then that he couldn't make gingerbread until Thursday, which is his day home from daycare. So this morning, his plan for the day was to make gingerbread.

From here, I think it's a case of pictures speaking louder than words.

The ingredients and cookbook:

The cook (check out the dusting of flour):

Coming out of the oven:

The taste test:

The gingerbread:


fudgey said...

how precious , he looks so happy!
ilove making gingerbread, and it is one of my fiond memeories growing uop baking them witj mum..
and they look delicious..
proabably a good thing my oven doesn't work or i would make some!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope there is some left for Daddy when he gets home Marcus - and Mummy. Which recipe will be next?