Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Day at School

Today was Marcus’ first day at school. It’s taken a bit of work to pry any details out of him, but we know he went swimming (he could touch the bottom, which he thought was very cool – our pool is about three or four inches too deep for him), and the teacher read a story and he drew some pictures. The kids get their stationery tomorrow and since Friday is a holiday I suspect learning starts seriously next week. Here’s the new schoolboy in his school uniform (and one photo from his birthday party on Saturday since I haven’t posted any pics from that).





Leigh said...

Gosh, he looks so grown up in his uniform.
Love the Wall-e cake - well done.

Erin said...

I was a little surprised at what you all were wearing until I remembered where you live. It's only 32F/0C here right now, and I live in a "warmer" area of the USA! LOL He looks so grown up in his uniform, my goodness!

Dorte H said...

What a cool school kid!
The first day of school is so special for the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he just turn five? School must start late in NZ!

Congrats on the milestone :)