Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Briggs, Patricia - Bone Crossed

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs has shipped from Amazon. Yay! I wonder which will arrive first, Horizon or Bone Crossed?

And as an aside, isn’t it such a pretty cover? I do love pretty covers. I’ve spent today finding images of the covers of my (244) ebooks. I like to have them in a directory so that I can “browse” them, just as I would browse the shelf if they were paper copies.

While looking for covers for the L. M. Montgomery Anne books I had as ebooks, I discovered that Australia has a Project Gutenberg site too, and now I have copies of all the Anne books as well as several of Montgomery’s others. Those others include my all time favourite L. M. Montgomery, The Blue Castle. That one went straight onto the PDA and the TBR.

Of course, the danger of looking through all those books was finding ones I wanted to read that aren’t actively on the TBR. I think I actually only added The Blue Castle, which I think was very restrained. All the same, the TBR has now hit 47 books and if it gets to 50 I’m going to start feeling stressed about it again. After all, that’s about six months solid reading!

Talking of ebooks, I had a weird day today with Fictionwise. I have always been interested in trying Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros series, but the first one, Nightlife, wasn’t available as an ebook and I didn’t want to pay New Zealand paperback prices for trying a new author. In Fictionwise’s new books today, there, finally, was Nightlife, so I bought it. I downloaded it, transferred it to the PDA and opened it. After a moment of confusion, I realised that the book in the file was actually Night Life by Elizabeth Guest (a book I did buy as a paperback and what a waste of money that was, as it was total crap). I have emailed Fictionwise to get the problem fixed.

I thought that was the end of my Fictionwise issues for the day, but no. From last week’s new releases I bought Lora Leigh’s latest Breeds book, Coyote’s Mate (I wanted it anyway and the 100% rebate was suitable temptation). It came available today and I downloaded it, transferred it etc. Turns out it won’t open and I get an error message saying the file isn’t complete. Off goes another customer support email to Fictionwise. Hopefully there will be some answers by the time I get up tomorrow morning. I’ve never had any problems before, so having two on the same day is kind of weird.

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orannia said...

YAH! I'm finally able to comment :) I hope you were able to sort out the issues with Fictionwise and source a copy of Coyote's Mate and Nightlife.

And I can't wait to read Bone Crossed either. Once I finish All Mortal Flesh (Julia Spencer-Fleming), in which BTW all is not what it seems, I'm going to read the Patricia Briggs short story in Wolfbane & Mistletoe.

Enjoy the long weekend :)