Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh pah!

In line with my plan to start listening to The Grey King, I pulled out my cross stitch tonight and settled down to get some done.

It was going along very nicely – I was enjoying the book (even if I did side-track to buy it as an ebook so I could add notes to it as I listened) and getting back into the swing of the stitching.

But I’ve just found that the section I’ve been working on doesn’t join up properly with the bit before.  Darn it, I’ve got myself a single stitch out – and quite a way back too. I’ve now got a whole lot of red (of course it had to be red) thread to pull out that has been stitched 1-over-1 on 32-ct lugana.

Excuse me while I go and curse and use lots of rude words.

I am totally not going to try to do it tonight. I’m going to bed. Hopefully I’ll feel up to frogging it tomorrow. If not, it can wait until I’m good and ready.

Sigh. And it was looking so pretty too. In fact, it still looks pretty, but since it’s a symmetric and circular design it has to be right or it won’t meet up at the end. I have no choice but to pull it out.


The only good news is that I got about an hour into my book so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with Sue and Nymeth.


Nancy said...

Sorry about the frogging, you must keep the positive though and think about the great book you can listen to while ripping....

stitcherw said...

I'm enjoying your book reviews, love to read and always enjoy hearing what others are reading. The Grey King has such a neat cover. I've not read any of Susan Cooper's work, but I enjoy Ursela Le Guin's so if the style is simliar I think I'll check it out.

Kerry said...

Thank you, Sue. If you like Ursula LeGuin I think it would be worth trying Susan Cooper.