Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monthly Reading Totals Posted

Now that I’ve got my book reviews up to date, I’ve posted my February reading list over on Lists and Such. Also up are my cumulative totals for the year so far.

Interesting things of note:

  • I’ve finished my first challenge for 2009, with the eBook Reading Challenge. I needed to read 10 books in the year and I completed that on 24th February when I finished The Eye of Night. I’ve now read 11 eBooks so far this year.
  • Out of curiosity, I’ve kept track of my ratio of paper books to eBooks read. I’ve always plucked a figure of 50/50 out of the air for how much I read of each. So far, that seems to be holding true with my ratio after two months sitting at 45 : 55 (that’s paper : e).
  • I haven’t kept track, but just worked out because I wanted to know, that of the 45% reading of paper books, that’s 2 of mine (both hardcover new releases by “keeper” authors) and 7 borrowed, mostly from the library. So the ratio of paper : e for books that belong to me is more like 13 : 87, which is kind of scary for a bibliophile, as much as I love eBooks.

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orannia said...

Congrats on completing the eBook Reading Challenge!