Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009 Reading

Once again, I find myself unable to write reviews. All the same, I had an interesting reading month. Several romances when I didn’t feel like reading anything challenging (I chose non-challenging romances deliberately) and some fantasy for the Once Upon a Time III reading challenge. Nothing blew me away in April, but nothing was really awful either.

Of my seven reading challenges, I have two fully completed and two partially completed (I’ve read 12 library books, which is the level of challenge I committed to, but I’ll see if I can hit the next level which is 25 and I’ve completed 5 fantasy books for Once Upon a Time III but still have A Midsummer Night’s Dream to watch).

Cumulative totals for the year so far are over on Lists and Such.

  1. Alphabet of Thorn – Patricia A. McKillip
    Fantasy; eBook; 9/10
  2. The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Carrie Ryan
    YA Fantasy; Library Book; 5/10
  3. Born in Fire – Nora Roberts
    Concannon Sisters, Book 1; Romance; eBook; 8/10
  4. Smooth Talking Stranger – Lisa Kleypas
    Contemporary Romance; Library Book; 8/10
  5. The Night Bird – Catherine Asaro
    The Lost Continent, Book 5; Fantasy; 9/10
  6. Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? – New Scientist
    Non-Fiction; 9/10
  7. Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels – Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan
    Non-Fiction; eBook; 8/10
  8. Silver on the Tree – Susan Cooper
    The Dark is Rising, Book 4; Children’s Fantasy; Audiobook; Reread; 7/10
  9. Born in Ice – Nora Roberts
    Concannon Sisters, Book 2; Romance; eBook; 8/10
  10. Megan’s Mark – Lora Leigh
    Breeds, Book 7; Paranormal Romance; Reread; eBook; 7/10
  11. Giants of the Frost – Kim Wilkins
    Fantasy; eBook; 7/10

Best book of the month = Alphabet of Thorn
Worst book of the month = In the Forest of Hands and Teeth
Disappointment of the month = Giants of the Frost

April Reading:
Books read this month = 11
DNFs this month = 0
10/10 reads this month = 0
New reads this month = 9
Rereads this month = 2
% paper books : % eBooks = 40 : 60

April Challenges Progress:
100+ Reading Challenge = 11
Support Your Local Library Challenge = 2 (Stage 1 Completed 3-04-09)
Romance Reading Challenge = 5 (Challenge Completed 25-02-09)
YA Reading Challenge = 1
eBook Reading Challenge = 6 (Challenge Completed 24-02-09)
Patricia A. McKillip Reading Challenge = 1
Once Upon a Time III Challenge = 5 (Books Completed 22-4-09)

April Non-Challenges Progress:
SF/Fantasy books read = 5
Audiobooks listened to = 1


Li said...

Hope you're feeling better, Kerry.

You're doing way better than me in terms of books read this month. I haven't quite counted yet, but I doubt I hit double-digits.

Why did you not like the Carrie Ryan book? I've seen some pretty good reviews for it, but am still on the fence as to whether I get it or not, primarily because I'm not a zombie fan at all!

Kerry said...

Li ~ Mostly, I just didn't like the main character. She really annoyed me. I have a longer comment here:

orannia said...

I think, all things considered, you've had a very good month! And congrats on having two of your reading challenges completed already!

Marg said...

I am really struggling to write reviews myself Kerry, and have been for quite a few months. I have only published one review this month, and that was for a book I read in March!

Li said...

Ah interesting. I did a mass "mark all as read" in my blog reader the other day as I was feeling slightly overwhelmed, so I missed your original post!

Sounds like a borrow not buy one.

Kerry said...

Li ~ Exactly. I was glad I got it from the library.

Kat said...

There's a Patricia McKillip reading challenge?I can't believe I've only just learned of it now. I loved Alphabet of Thorn, too. I wanted to name my child Nepenthe. :-D