Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, so far, so good. I was feeling very dry eyed and light headed this morning. It’s still there tonight, but a little less I think. I’ve found that if I take things quietly it’s much better, but if I do lots and move around a lot, it gets worse. That seems to me to be a good excuse for going easy.

Another Marcus story…

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for me to talk about a bunch of things. One of these was to get a prescription for a course of B12 injections which should help my energy levels (and I think they have as I’m not as totally trashed as I could be). Once I’d done all that, I needed to get the nurse to give me the injection. So Marcus was playing with the toys in the waiting room again while I waited for my turn. She came to get me and I said something to Marcus like, “I’ll be back soon,” and went with the nurse, leaving him to play.

A little later I’m sitting in the nurses’ room (partially undressed so she can reach my upper arm) when the door opens and there is the receptionist with Marcus. He can’t have heard what I said and thought I’d gone without him.

I spoke to the receptionist later and she said he’s come up to her and said very seriously, “Excuse me, can I tell you something?”

“Of course,” she agreed.

“My name is Marcus,” he confided, “And I can’t find my mummy.”

She said he was so polite and serious about it, all when he thought he’d lost his mother.

Sometimes, my son is just so adorable.


orannia said...

Yes, Marcus is adorable...and the fact that he was so polite is a credit to you & Dave both!

Am glad the side effects to date aren't too bs. Fingers crossed this continues!

Erin said...

LOL! That is so sweet, and so very smart of him to know who to go to. I hope things continue to go well as you come off the meds!

Carl V. said...

I certainly wish you all the best with your health issues and hope that all is leveled out very, very soon. It sucks to have low energy levels, especially since life doesn't seem to slow down for us when that occurs.