Monday, April 06, 2009

Beautiful new pattern

It was a good mail day today. I got a second hand copy of Dorothy Dunnett’s To Lie with Lions from Trade Me (now I only need to find the last book, Gemini, to have the whole Niccolo series) and an envelope from Colours Down Under in Australia. Inside was this beautiful pattern:

dragonflyquakerJeannie-Maree (aka Fudgey) sent me a gift certificate for my birthday and as soon as I saw this one on the front page of the site, I loved it. I spent at least another half an hour checking out other things in case I saw something I wanted more, but I think I knew all along that this is what I would be buying. Wonderfully helpful lady that she is, Jeannie-Maree is now converting the DMC colours it uses to Vicki Clayton’s beautiful silks for me.

I have to finish Second Chances at the very least before starting, so it won’t be worked on immediately, but I love it and I’m so glad to have it in the drawer waiting for me to get to it.

Thank you ever so much, Jeannie-Maree.

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fudgey said...

my pleasure my dear, you deserved being spoiled!!