Thursday, May 21, 2009

IMS – second line of border done

I’ve completed the inner line of the border for Illuminated Medieval Sampler.

ims002 While watching Doctor Who with a friend this evening (Planet of the Dead – yes, I’m running behind as always) I got started with the rhodes stitches and gold metallic back stitching that fill in the space between these two lines of the border. It looks really pretty, so when I get that done I’ll make sure to include a close up photo as well as the one of the whole thing.

I know it isn’t very exciting to look at so far, but to me it feels fantastic. My enthusiasm for my stitching was just fading away and so to be enjoying myself doing this even (or perhaps especially) when it is just border, it' feels fabulous.

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orannia said...

I think it's fantastic - the progress you've made and that your joy in stitching has returned :)