Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latest on IMS

Here’s my latest on Illuminated Medieval Sampler. The square-ish border has been filled in and I’m onto the swirly filigree border next.


I also put it on the scanner to do a close up of all the Rhodes stitches and the sparkly backstitching. The actual colour, IRL, is probably somewhere between the two pictures, but the bottom picture is definitely a little washed. Given scanners, cameras and the differences between everyone’s monitors it is so hard to get an accurate image.


I’m still enjoying myself stitching this, so I shall carry on with it while I am. It’s also been good as I deal with the whole depression medication thing as when I’m feeling less than relaxed, I can usually still manage to sit down and stitch a few stitches in a relatively calm manner.

Regarding the depression, it came roaring back Saturday and I immediately decided against toughing it out any longer. I’m now on a new medication and waiting for it to get up to full strength. Hopefully it won’t be too long. Right now, I’m feeling okay, but I also know that everything is a bit “off”. I figure when I forget to ask myself if I’m feeling better, that’s when I will be.


Nancy said...

Glad you took a closeup of it. The border is so pretty and you can't see that in the overall picture! Hopefully you will get your meds all worked out and will have everything under control.

orannia said...


Fingers crossed that the meds start to kick-in and make a difference. But in the interim, it is great that 1) you are stitching and 2) that stitching helps :)

And BTW, I agree with Nancy - the close-up really shows how pretty the border is!

Erin said...

I hope the new medication works well for you! Sorry you had to go back to meds, but it is better than having it rage out of control. That border is beautiful! I can't wait to watch it progress.