Thursday, July 01, 2010

How to find the time?

I was lying on the floor in my son's bedroom while he went to sleep last night (long story that I think boils down to security). When this happens, I'll usually read something on my iPhone - it's small, light and provides it's own backlight meaning his bedroom light can stay off.

Not wanting to read either of my current long reads, I opened the short story Pretty Polly by Barbara Hambly, which I bought and downloaded from her website. She's releasing electonically some short stories she has written and is writing about characters from her older series that she doesn't currently have contracts to write full books for.

As someone who was developing her reading habits in the days when those early books were new, I'm delighted by this and hope it will be a long term thing. I certainly hope it's going well for her. I'm helping as best I can - buying four copies of one story last year and sending off the other three as Christmas presents surely is a good thing.

Anyway, reading about the survivours in the Keep of Dare made me realise I'd like to read the whole Darwath series if I could find the time. Hambly's Windrose Chronicles are already on this imaginary reread tbr list.

There are many books being published now that are great reads, but there are older books out there that are richly deserving of a reread as well. When you combine the two - well, that's a whole, big lot of books.

But I kind of like making lists, so here's what I'd like to reread (from the 80s and 90s mostly I think).

- The Windrose Chronicles (Barbara Hambly; 1986 - 1988 + 1992)
- Darwath Books (Barbara Hambly; 1982 - 1983 + 1996 & 1998)
- Chronicles of the Cheysuli (Jennifer Roberson; 1984 - 1992)
- Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies (Melanie Rawn; 1988 - 1993)
- Memory, Sorrow and Thorn (Tad Williams; 1988 - 1993)
- Time Master Trilogy (Louise Cooper; 1985 - 1987)
- The Fionavar Tapestry (Guy Gavriel Kay; 1984 - 1986)
- Novels of the Jaran (Kate Elliott; 1992 - 1994)
- Cycle of Fire (Janny Wurts; 1984 – 1988)

Well, I was right about the dates. All the series but the Jaran books were started in the 80s and except for the two extra Darwath books, all were finished by the early 90s. I guess that dates my personal Golden Age of Fantasy.

The problem is, where will I find the time and energy for all that rereading when there are new books I want to read as well?

Like the saying goes:

Too many books, not enough time.

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(Edited to add Cycle of Fire)


Annette said...

You've listed some of my all-time favorite fantasy series (Roberson, Rawn, Williams & Kay) - and yes, I read them in the 80/90s with you LOL. I'll have to look into the others.

My kids are both avid readers and watching them enjoy the same series/authors I did in the past, is almost as good as re-reading them myself. My almost 12-yr-old devoured Edding's Belgariad and Mallorean in May/June this year. I had to wait a year between each book! LOL

Erin said...

I've been trying to go back and read more classic literature, as well as older series that friends found years ago and still seem to enjoy. Just too darn many books! LOL

orannia said...

Some great books listed there. I remember discovering the Guy Gavriel Kay books right before university...

I think a re-read is a great idea, even if it's slowly :)

Morgana Alexander said...
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Morgana Alexander said...

Since the publication of the last story of The Darwath Trilogy (pretty polly) and tried to get, but I have to pay it has been possible, besides being Latin American. I've always loved books that author, I am glad that nannies have read Pretty Polly, I'll keep waiting till you can download any website. (I really like to read TT-TT) will remain so even waiting, and I am so glad you like it, must be good.

(Sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes, do not speak English)