Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wow, a post!

I’ve actually added some comments (I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to call them reviews) on Goodreads lately. As always, length varies depending on what I had to say. These are generally comments made shortly after I finished reading and I can’t promise as to the quality of their grammar (and sometimes also spelling), although I do try to be coherent. I’m trying to get into the habit to type something when I fill in the finish date and rating on any book, which means at least I have some recollection later of what I thought of the book.

I’ll post them here (mostly to make it look like I’m keeping up with this blog, great big fat lie though that is) shortly.

I’m currently sitting cross legged on the bed while Marcus sits beside me watching The Pink Panther on Cartoon Network. Yes, it’s 11.20am on a Tuesday and my darling son is home from school sick. He’s now rapidly improving, but wants his Mum close, so here I am. Hooray for laptops!

He gave us quite a fright yesterday though. I picked him up from school and he promptly collapsed in my lap, telling me he’d “had a bad day”. Talking with the teacher, we both agreed he was a bit under the weather and a day off was probably in order. I remember I did put a hand to his forehead then, to see if he had a temperature, but he felt quite normal.

Half an hour later he was curled up in our bed with a temperature of 41C (that’s 105F) and very listless. I managed to get some paracetamol into him and took him to the doctor. He diagnosed flu and a mild ear infection and sent us home with ibuprofen and antibiotics (for if we thought it had got bad enough to need them). Happily, the diarrhoea didn’t develop until after we got back from the doctors!

But that’s all it’s been. No vomiting or other symptoms (thank goodness). We needed to get up several times in the night, but only had to change the bedclothes once (happily around 10pm rather than something like 2am, which would have seemed much harder I’m sure). This morning his temp is pretty much back to normal, the trips to the bathroom are less frequent and he’s got some spirit back. I’m sure he’ll keep on improving as the day goes on, although I’m not going to make any decisions about school tomorrow just yet. Right now, I’m inclined to keep him home at least another day to be sure.

He’s like this pretty much every time he gets sick. He throws up this really high temperature really fast and panics us. Stays hot and sick until the fever breaks and then recovers pretty quickly. But it’s that fast developing high fever that always freaks us out. And we always rush him off to the doctor just in case this is the time it’s not going to come right on its own.

But he’s munching rice crackers and getting demanding at the moment, so he’s on the road to recovery. And hey, I’m actually updating my blog.

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orannia said...

Am so glad Mr 6 is on the mend - that was one scary temp!