Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

McKinley, Robin - Sunshine They took her clothes and sneakers. They dressed her in a long red gown. And they shackled her to the wall of an abandoned mansion-within easy reach of a figure stirring in the moonlight.

She knows that it is a vampire.

She knows that she's to be his dinner, and that when he is finished with her, she will be dead. Yet, when light breaks, she finds that he has not attempted to harm her. And now it is he who needs her to help him survive the day...

Wow, what an amazing book. I don't know that I have words for it just yet, having only finished it a few moments ago, but what an amazing book.

Added in a comment shortly after:

I just finished it and I've immediately joined the community of Sunshine-lovers (okay, that sounds wrong, but I figure you know what I mean).

It was an interesting read, as it went very slowly, but never felt slow. I did need to read some of the long, almost convoluted sentences slowly, but all the information was there, you just had to get it from the Sunshine-speak.

I also felt that this might be the book that has the most of Robin McKinley herself in it, as I often felt when reading Sunshine's thoughts that they were very similar to how McKinley writes when she blogs.

I would also like to know how the timing of the writing of this book fits with the author developing ME, as it kind of reads like someone with ME might think (it certainly feels like my brain going all over the place sometimes).

Anyway, I loved it and I can totally see that it is a book I will need to read again. I am looking forward to my copy arriving so that I can read it whenever I want.

Robin McKinley
Read: 30-4-10 to 12-5-10


orannia said...

So glad you enjoyed it!

Aarti said...

I couldn't help but laugh a little ruefully reading this as I just reviewed Sunshine, too, and had a very different reaction! I got so sick of the Sunshine-speak, as you call it! Maybe it wasn't the right book for my mood at the time...

Kerry said...

Aarti - I think the Sunshine-speak is most people's make or break part of the book. I think if you like it, you've love the book. If it drives you nuts, the book won't work for you. It certainly seems to be one of those books people aren't lukewarm about; they love it or dislike it. I'd say if it wasn't your book at the time, it might not be later either, because the voice is so distinct. Isn't it lovely the way we're all different?