Saturday, February 11, 2006

All over the place

My stitching - or more accurately, lack there of - is all over the place lately. I'm just not feeling the enthusiasm and the love.

I took Alpine Seasons with me on holiday, but after doing a grand total of about 12 stitches I came to realise I just don't want to stitch it right now. Dave headed home after a week, while Marcus and I stayed on with my parents for a bit longer, so I sent Alpine home with Dave.

I had taken the little Celtic Horse kit my sister gave me as an alternative and I did do some stitching on that, although not a heck of a lot. I swapped out the white Aida that came with the kit, and I'm stitching it on a piece of 32-ct Belfast Marine Blue from Silkweaver.

This is my progress after 12 days.

I've been vacillating about what to stitch next - if anything - and after turning on the TV this morning to see the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics, I decided to get out The Ice Dragon's Kingdom (Dragon Dreams) and see if I make any progress on that. It feels like an appropriate choice.

For reference, here's where I was up to when I stopped last time.

I'm stitching it on 32-count Opalescent White Lugana.


fudgey said...

its just awesome to have you back stitching or no stitching...i missed you heaps...hugs..
holidaying is always an unsettling time at the best of times and you certainly haven't been having them... you obviously needed the time for other things...
don't beat yourself up over it..
love the chart you are doing for the winter olympics..
welcome back...

cathymk said...

Ice dragon's kingdom is the perfect choice!!!